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Farmer: Animal Food Grovers
You can contact directly to breeders or animal food suppliers in order to sell your products such as Hay, Straw, corn, clover etc.
Agricultural Suppliers:
Animal Food Traders, Farm Machinery And Other Farm Equipments for sell or repair, Farm Animal Accessorise, Livestock Care Materials, Sperm, Farm building materials etc. Agricultural Suppliers can put their products to sell online to purchasers such as Farmers, Breeders, Vets etc.
You can access your costumers Animals data, you can exchange data with other vets, professionals, medical centres, and your costumers.
Breeders and Breeders Associations:
You can register your animals, track their production and well fears, Share your animals health info with Vets, use online shop for buying and selling all your products, such as Animals, wool, unwanted machineries etc. Breeders Association’s can create their page on our website, follow up their members for info, meeting etc.